Guam - Like it did the day it went up for a public hearing last week and just hours before lawmakers on Monday voted to pass Bill 513, the Attorney General's Office is expressing concerns about the implications the legislation will have on current efforts to work on a new RFP and appeal that has been filed regarding GovGuam's FY13 health insurance contract.    Chief Deputy Attorney General Philip Tydingco felt compelled to write a letter to Bill 513's author Sen. Ben Pangelinan even after the bill was passed. The letter indicates that just before senators voted on the legislation he had met with Pangelinan admitting that the AG's office had not quite fully comprehended the various potential legal and practical concerns raised by the draft version of the bill and its substitute version he was given during the meeting (that was passed hours later). The AG's office intended to ask the legislature to delay consideration of the bill for a couple weeks but the request became moot since senators by a vote of 9-6 passed the bill after their meeting. Tydingco in his letter outlined several concerns about the bill and recommended changes that were not included in the final version.  Bill 513 proposes to change the FY2013 procurement process for GovGuam health insurance so that it is similar to manner in which the federal government procures its health insurance for its employees.  The legislation purports to reduce health insurance costs and allows employees and retirees the opportunity to choose for themselves who their health insurance coverage will be provided by.