Guam - Two men who were supposed to drop off goods to the department of corrections now find themselves spending some time behind bars. It's standard operating procedure at the Department of Corrections, as Jose San Agustin said, "Any vendors, the visitors, that are coming into the compound that we do inspect the individuals, and we do inspect the vehicles." 

And late Wednesday afternoon, officers realized they had a special delivery on their hands. "Contraband and the contraband to my understanding was snuff and Spice," he added. According to San Agustin, DepCor's director, JJQ International Trading Corporation employees Promise Airam and Herickson Ruben were delivering goods just after 4:30 Wednesday afternoon to DOC's food vendor, Li Quan Corporation in the galley, but entry was prohibited once the illegal contraband was found.

Airam and Ruben were questioned and subsequently booked and confined on charges of promoting prison contraband, possession of a Scheduled I Controlled Substance and possession with the intent to deliver. KUAM News has learned that JJQ International Trading has been working for DOC's food vendor for the past seven months and delivering goods twice a week. But as of Wednesday they've been banned from DOC until the conclusion of an investigation by the Attorney General's Office.

"I will leave that up to the vendor that's providing us service its going to be his responsibility to find another vendor to provide them that same support," he said.

DOC food vendor Li Quan's vice president Jerry Li tells KUAM News dry food services will not be affected for the prison.

Meantime, JJQ International's general manager declined to comment, saying the company is awaiting the outcome of the investigation. We should note that one of the arrestees Promise Airam has had runins with the law in the past. In 2001 he was arrested on charges of public intoxication, criminal mischief, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest, prior to that in November 2000 he was arrested for rioting and disorderly conduct.