Guam - In Washington State the father of Isaac Aguigui is in complete shock after his son was arrested, accused of being a ring leader in anti-government group planning several terrorist attacks including assassinating President Barack Obama. Halfway across the country in the state of Georgia Ed Aguigi's son stands accused of being the leader of anarchist militia group accused of plotting attacks against the United States.

He spoke with KING5 News in Seattle from his home in the quiet town of Cashmere in Washington State. "I can't wrap my head around it right now," said Aguigui, "There are individuals that are dead, it's tragic for everyone."

20-year old Isaac's family is originally from Guam, a military dependant who followed in his father's footsteps enlisting in the U.S. Army he is one of four Army soldiers stationed at Fort Stewart in Georgia, accused of murdering a fellow soldier and his girlfriend.  In a courtroom in Georgia, Mark Burnett testified he along with the murder victim were part of the militia group, which he alleges Private Aguigui was the ring leader.

"It started out with just going out and shooting guns. Then he introduced me to The Manuscript, what he called it, a book about true patriots. I believed in some of the stuff. It progressed from there," he said.

Burnette has agreed to testify against Aguigui and the others to avoid a death penalty trial, and as the case moves through the judicial system in Georgia, in Cashmere Isaac's father and family are left in shock wondering and asking why? "I don't know what the steps were (towards the crime).  It's all a mystery right now," said Aguigui.  "(I'm) very disheartened, as a father, you do your best to teach your kids right and wrong."

"Hopefully there will be a day when my son and I can have a frank discussion," added Aguigui, "He's my son, he'll always be my son, and I'll pray for him."

Prosecutors said investigators seized nearly $100,000 worth of weapons group members had purchased as well as homemade bombs. In addition, they've arrested other members of the group that weren't part of the murder. Fort Stewart officials say they believe they've found all the members and don't believe they have a gang or militia problem on post.