Guam - For all your wine connoisseurs, "A Majestic Wine Dinner" will be held at Roy's at the Hilton Guam Resort tomorrow. For this special event, wine ambassador Jeff Cook from Jackson Family Wines in California, is on island ready to share some of his expert wine insights.

"I've been coming to Guam, I guess my first time coming to Guam was in 1995, I've been coming mostly every year, promoting wines, building a sense of wine culture and so forth in Guam," he said. 

Selected wines from Murphy Goode, Kendall Jackson, Cambria, and Atalon Napa Valley will be paired with a menu presented by Hilton's executive chef, Christopher House.

"These wine dinners are great opportunities to experience wines that you have never tried before and pairing it up with's not just having dinner, you get to experience good food, good wine, good conversation, and he's passionate about what he does just as much as I am passionate about what I do," he sahred. "It's really a great experience - since we are sticking with California wines, we are going with a California themed menu." 

"A Majestic Wine Dinner," will be held Thursday, August 23 at Roy's. Dinner is $95 plus a 10% service charge. If you are interested in attending, call the Hilton and make reservations at 646-DINE.