Guam - The Office of Public Accountability issued is legally mandated Annual Citizen Centric Report, providing an overview of the work the OPA has conducted over the past year and the state of the government's finances, which the report notes GovGuam continues to live beyond its means.

The Citizen Centric Report was released as lawmakers begin deliberating on the Fiscal Year 2013 budget. Audit supervisor Rodalyn Marquez said, "The recommendation would be for them to seriously consider looking at what they're appropriating like what the revenue sources they're looking at verses what they're authorizing our government to spend because again as we see it based on their authorization to spend its already more than the revenues that they're projecting."

In the meantime, the report notes that since 2001 OPA issued 121 performance audits, 581 recommendations and identified $146.6 million in financial impact referring to questioned costs, waste and abuse, lost or unreported revenues, un-reconciled accounts and possible cost savings. You can read the report at