Guam - Legislation has been introduced to get more uniformed officers patrolling the island's tourist district. Bill 502 would appropriate a half-million dollars from the Tourist Attraction Fund for operations at the Tumon Precinct and to fund new police positions at the Guam Police Department. The Fund is generated from the Hotel Occupancy Tax.

Tumon business owners, such as Dr. Kabob manager Pedro Hidalgo, support the measure. "I think its great for the safety of the tourist and can help the community because if we don't have the tourist, if they think its not a good safe place to travel then they are not going to come and there will be no money to provide to the local business," he noted.

Guam Visitor's Bureau deputy general manager Nate Denight says his agency supports anything that enhances safety for the tourist, but says the agency first needs to review the bill to ensure it's a win-win for all. "But at the same time, the Tourist Attraction Fund was set up to fund GVB and also funds the bond which is doing the museum and we use that to go out and market to bring in more arrival which brings in more jobs and economic benefit for the people of Guam. So we just have to be careful that we don't tap the fund too much and there's funds there to go ahead and do the primary mission of attracting visitors and improving the island with the visitors," he said.