Guam - It appears the for-profit bingo initiative will be on the Decision 2012 General Election ballot. The next steps for the Guam Election Commission are determining a ballot title in which for the next few weeks could generate arguments for and against the initiative. From there legal counsel will objectively choose the strongest arguments and put it into a pamphlet that will be mailed out to voters. 

Commission board members discussed a timeline that would have to follow and estimates its budget for the distribution of pamphlets around $30,000. 

The board meanwhile discussed the Public Auditor race in which former governor Carl Gutierrez announced his bid as a write-in candidate for the non-partisan position. Minutes before the meeting, a letter was distributed among GEC members from Gutierrez addressed to Democratic Party of Guam vice-chair Gloria Nelson, stating his resignation as party chairman. In that letter Gutierrez notes, "While I do not believe this course of action is required under the law in order to pursue a write-in candidacy for public auditor, I am resigning in order to fully focus on my candidacy and ensure that the Office of Public Auditor is both relevant and accountable to the people of Guam."

Gutierrez meanwhile did write to the GEC, submitting his list of derivations of his name for consideration to be accepted as valid write-in votes on the ballot for the upcoming primary election. The list of names includes:

- Carl T.C. Gutierrez
- Carl Gutierrez
- Gov. Carl Gutierrez
- Gov. Gutierrez
- Sunshine
- Still the One
- Cal
- Carl G.
- [ Any misspelled variation of Gutierrez ]
- Uncle Carl
- Bring Back the Sunshine
- Gutierrez 

No official decision was made and will be further discussed as its next meeting on Monday, August 13 at 5:21pm.