Guam - Considering it one of the most important commissions for the people of Guam, especially for Chamorros, Senator Ben Pangelinan held a confirmation hearing this morning for Chamorro Land Trust Commission board member David Matanane this morning.

We should note that Matanane's nomination along with Oscar Calvo was previously presented but had expired because lawmakers never acted on it. The nominations were then resubmitted however it was only Matanane who received the hearing today. Oscar Calvo hoped they would have held it together, saying, "I'm glad that he had his hearing and given the opportunity and I'm hoping the senators confirm him because it is very vitally needed for the Chamorro Land Trust to get the Chamorro Land Trust up and running. But in that agenda too, I hope that I'm still begin considered that I also have my day."

Matanane's confirmation would allow the CLTC board to have a quorum and move along with carrying out CLTC activities.