Guam - Upgrading from its more than 15-year-old antiquated arsenal, the Guam International Airport Authority Police Department is firing down range with something new and bigger in mind. It's the Saiga 12-gauge shotgun that airport officials across the mainland have on hand. 

GIAA police are the first to have these types of weapons on island. They currently have three units that cost about $2,000 each. The guns were purchased with airport funding.

Officer Ken Quenga said, "Saiga 12-gauge shotgun and its AK platform configuration...has the same look and everything as an AK-47 except that it's a short barrel 8 inch but in a 12-gauge version." and Officer Dean Delgado added, "It was designed and whole concept nowadays is the active shooter incidents that's occurring so this weapon is not only live rounds like slugs but designed to shoot pepper balls and bean bags, less lethal ammunitions."

All GIAA Police officers will train on how to properly use the weapons.