Guam - After numerous complaints from employees about hearing the sound of loud popping from within the walls of the former Pedro's Plaza, the Office of the Attorney General is seeking an assessment on the structural integrity of the decades-old Hagatna building.  The office has been leasing the property for a number of years and late last week the office asked the Department of Public Works to have their engineers conduct a visual inspection of the building.

AG's Office spokesperson Carlina Charfauros tells KUAM News, "We requested a written documented report of inspection methodologies, design standards, findings and determinations." DPW engineers visited the Hagatna building today conducting a visual inspection of the outside of the structure, the inside of the garage and the west corner of the 5th and 6th floors.

Charfauros says DPW engineers recommended that a structural engineer with the proper equipment assess the building for internal structural support. 

KUAM News has received reports from AG's Office employees who have become increasingly concerned about their safety as they report hearing loud snapping noises and some have felt the building shake.  These concerns have been documented for several years - while they wait for the structural engineer, DPW engineers will review blueprints of the building, information on prior repairs and reports on previous inspections. Charfauros says the office will ask the landlord to comply with DPW's recommendations.