Guam - The jury trial continued today in Attorney David Lujan's lawsuit against his neighbor, Debbie Quinata.  Lujan is suing Quinata for monetary damages claiming his neighbors have been encroaching onto his property for years without compensation. 

Quinata's husband Allan took the stand again today, testifying that he built his home in the late-1980's and a portion of his house is on Lujan's property. He also testified that he farms on his property and has a fruit stand on the easement area where he sells his products. Debbie Quinata filed her own suit against Lujan seeking damages for her neighbor's conduct over the years.

The couple alleges that Lujan became unfriendly in 2007 and caused them physical and emotional stress by obstructing access to their property and damaging ancient artifacts. The trial continues Thursday when Quinata's attorney is expected to call Dr. Chris Perez to the stand to testify about the couple's medical issues that they allege arose from Lujan's actions.