Guam - The Government of Guam believes the magistrate judge's report and recommendation to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Arnold Davis is correct. Judge Joaquin Manibusan recommended dismissal of Davis' lawsuit finding the case wasn't ripe for judicial review and he lacked standing to sue.

Davis sued the government because he was not able to register for the political status plebiscite. Davis filed an opposition to the recommendation and asked the court to hear the merits of the case calling the plebiscite racially discriminative and a violation of federal law. 

In its response, the Attorney General's Office points out that Davis admits in a newspaper column that the vote may never happen and they claim that the relief that Davis seeks would permanently muzzle native inhabitants of Guam from expressing their desire on what political status option they favor.

The magistrate judge will review the comments and the district court chief judge will make the final decision on the matter.