Guam - Earlier this week KUAM News brought you the story on 17 George Washington High School classrooms going offline during the school year to undergo renovations. Chair on Education Speaker Judi Won Pat has her share of recommendations to keep from a possible double-session, including asking teachers to volunteer their empty classroom during their prep period for use by a teacher who are affected by the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) renovations.

"So I asked the one of the deputies,  Mr. [Rob] Malay look at the master schedule have the administration work this out, and see how they're able to do that then so we can have the least disruption and to the teachers, the students and also at the lowest cost," said the speaker.

Won Pat also asks that the Mangilao school's assistant principals look into maximizing teachers and classrooms. Class sizes should be maxed out to 28 students or more if necessary.