Democrat candidate for senator

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Throughout his career, Michael F.Q. San Nicolas has been
regarded for his principled, energetic and analytical approach to

Michael's parents Miguel Borja San Nicolas and Dr. Evangeline Quitugua
San Nicolas raised their three young children as they worked their way
through college and built careers in public education on Guam. From
their example, Michael learned the values of hard work and
responsibility. After graduating from Southern High School in 1998,
Michael worked his way through college and earned his Bachelors Degree
in History, with a Minor in Political Science from the University of

Michael taught History at Simon Sanchez High School before moving to
the Bank of Guam, where he began his career as a financial planner and
adviser. As an Assistant Vice President he worked as an Investment
Adviser for corporate, non-profit and individual investment accounts.

While he has built a successful private sector career in planning and
investment, Michael has put his energy and commitment to serving in
public leadership positions as well. He has the distinction of having
served as the President of the UOG Student Government and as Speaker
of the Guam Youth Congress. He also has served as a Chief of Staff in
the Guam Legislature. Most recently Michael founded Responsible Guam refocus the community
dialogue on responsible leadership.

The call to serve plays a strong role in Michael's life as he
follows in the footsteps of his grandparents, Guam Congressman Enrique
Santos San Nicolas (dec.) and Francesca Borja San Nicolas, and Speaker
Dr. Franklin J. Arceo Quitugua and Julia Siquenza Quitugua.

As a candidate for the Guam Legislature, he believes that our people
desire to take the next step toward a more prosperous and stable
society. Michael believes that the foundational principles of a
Responsible Guam are shared by all our people:

Taking responsibility for our island requires a strong sense of duty
to truth over popularity and results over fear.
Everyone who calls Guam home has something positive to contribute to
the prosperity of our island, and it is the duty of responsible people
to promote and encourage the productive efforts of all.
There are best practices for all undertakings and effective
leadership will seek out methods that offer the right balance between
results, efficiency and cost.
Our economy will stabilize and grow under the principles of free
markets and the value of competition, and by focusing government
resources on opening up markets and encouraging competition.
Healthcare is a right and should be available to all people in the
same way as public safety and public education.

The military buildup should result in long-term benefits for our
island and people, and that a spending plan focused on economic
development, technology, infrastructure, education, and healthcare
systems is a must.
Public borrowing should be done responsibly, and the debt we take on
should only be used to build more opportunities for the future in a
way that we can measure and understand. Borrowing to make up for
mismanagement or for projects that are more expensive than they need
to be must stop.
Our government should formulate a balanced budget based on research
and reason rather than on hope and broken promises. Misspending,
overspending, and delayed payments of obligations must come to an end.

Michael is ready to serve as your Senator to establish these
principles within our government.

Michael F.Q. San Nicolas, his wife Kathryn Ko San Nicolas and their
two children Kaleb and Katelyn ask that you please vote and support
him for Senator, so he can work to Build a Responsible Guam.