Guam - Guam's waters claimed the life of a 14-year-old boy over the weekend. It started out as a family outing Saturday at Ritidian Beach, but ended tragically as a search and rescue was launched for Rayn San Nicolas.

His oldest sister, Jade, was at home when she received the call. She told KUAM News, "They couldn't find him and told us patrol was looking for him so we rushed down to Ritidian and they (my parents) went there before me and when I got there I could see the helicopters and boats and jetskis, and my heart was just like, 'Oh my gosh, that's my brother!'. We didn't know until my cousin came up to me and my mom and said, "I'm so sorry, and my mom said it's not your fault.'"

GFD, Coast Guard, and Andersen Fire personnel responded Saturday just after 2 pm to a call that three people were swept over the reef, but when authorities arrived only Rayn was still missing. After two hours, rescue diver found him. 

According to Jade her brother actually saved her cousin from being taken out by the current. "I would never think of doing that, he was so selfless," she said.

According to Rayn's parents, Monica and Glen, their son was an active member of the St. Anthony Catholic Church in Tamuning. He just graduated from St. Anthony Catholic School with plans to attend Father Duenas Memorial School. He was an athlete. He was part of the Guam National Soccer League and All-Island Top Ten Cross Country. But before all that, family came first.

Monica said, "He was very hard on himself as an athlete and a student and just very humble even if he was really good at something, he was never really one to show off. He was very helpful to a lot of staff and teachers and administration and they would tell me can we keep him because he's such a good boy and always helps out."

"He did a lot on his own and was even in the National Honor Society for St. Anthony," Glen added.

Aside from being a scholar and athlete, too many he was a hero, Jade stated.  "He hated bullies and a lot his friends - he would stick up for them."

And even in his final hour, Rayn managed to continue giving of himself to help others. Hi father said, "Really, it was his time - whether it was at the beach, running or skateboarding, God called him home and I just ask that friends and family pray for us," with Monica adding, "and don't take life for granted."

And his mother added, "I love you my boy, I am proud of the life you lived that you were a precious gift to me."

Rosaries for Rayn are being said nightly at 6:30 at St. Anthony Church in Tamuning.