Guam - The Guam Legislature apparently didn't get the word that the governor's directive to cut $43 million was not a budgetary matter but a cash matter. According to governor's communication's director Troy Torres the Legislature shouldn't be trying to make the cuts in the proposed Fiscal Year 2013 budget because the savings should not be subject to appropriations. 

BBMR director John Rios said the directive would not affect the budget because it would take some planning and discussion and that other cost cutting still needs to be reviewed and passed by the Legislature.  Rios told KUAM last week that he predicted seeing the cuts sometime in the 2014 budget.

Speaker Judi Won Pat says she wants to see something in writing and until then the legislature will continue on their path of reducing proposed FY2013 budget by the $43 million. "My fear is that in July when the recommendations are going to be made and whatever budget we pass come October 1, and if that's what they are going to do and hit all the departments on the availability of cash and say were going to cut back these other subject categories where more cash is going into and we all know that that's primarily salaries and personnel. I don't want these departments and agencies to be cut off guard and be unprepared," she said.

The Spending Cuts Task Force is supposed to turn in their recommendation for $43 million in cuts next week, but they will likely ask for an extension.