Guam - Guam Community College president Mary Okada appeared before lawmakers to defend the college's proposed Fiscal Year 2013 budget, which is $4.5 million more than the governor's allocation for GCC. Over the years GCC has not only expanded its facilities and curriculum, but it has seen a tremendous growth in student enrollment.

Okada says the successes at GCC can largely be attributed to her dedicated faculty and staff which she says deserves the implementation of the Hay Study. GCC is requesting $20 million, as opposed the governor's request of $15 million. "Speaker Won Pat, I know you're looking at this, saying, 'Holy cow!', but let me assure you in as much as the college would like to support what was submitted the college cannot continue funding at that level especially when each fiscal year starts off with a budget set aside," Okada said.

As a matter of fact, Okada told senators that she is confronted with a $2 million shortfall as a result of the current fiscal year set aside. Okada told senators she is currently working with the Calvo Administration to release the money or else come next month the college will be confronted with a payless payday.