Guam - The defense took its turn punching holes in the prosecution's case against Alex Castro. Jared Dunham claims Castro beat him up in February 2010 at Club Hanna. He told the jury Tuesday it was the hardest he had ever been hit. 

One of the prosecution's witnesses today, Jonathon Berrios, took the stand telling jurors what he remembered. Attorney Fisher however found holes in his testimony, pointing to conflicting statement he made to the Naval Criminal Investigative Services and to the Guam Police Department about the alleged altercation.

Fisher also pointed out that Berrios has a pending DUI with injuries case with the AG's Office. "The evidence that's coming out that Alex did not assault this individual, Jared Dunham, who has accused him of that. Both Jared Dunham and the other individuals were intoxicated at the time and the evidence is coming out that it was not Alex that assaulted them," he explained.

Also during today's trial the prosecutions' witness Michael Cruz testified that Castro threatened him in September 2010. Fisher questioned the testimony since the incident allegedly took place a year and a half ago and the evidence wasn't presented to him until six days before trial. As a result of conflicting statements, the case was recessed this afternoon.

Fisher will continue his cross-examination tomorrow morning.