Guam - While more than 34,000 tax refund checks were distributed on Friday, Rev & Tax has reported receiving some calls from islands residents still waiting on their money. According to director John Camacho, with such a large distribution, some problems were bound to occur but were only minor possibly resulting in wrong mailing addresses to typos on names and Social Security Numbers.

Meanwhile, for the rest of residents who filed after the April 10 cutoff date, Camacho says the fiscal team is working to get you your refund. "We're still going to work to get money in the reserve account as we move along and from time to time, I believe there will be some checks written and it will on a first in first out basis," he said.

He adds once the money is available, more checks will be released as more than $10 million worth of refunds have been processed and are in A-status standing. As we reported about $82 million for 2011 tax refunds were paid out, leaving a little over $20 million left to be paid out.

And for those who feel they were owed a tax refund this weekend, Camacho recommends visiting Rev & Tax to see if a mistake was made.