Guam - Island reps are participating in the Pacific International Tourism Expo in Vladivostok, Russia. According to Guam Visitors Bureau deputy general manager Nate Denight, Vladivostok is an ideal market because it's closest to guam. Guam reps are also looking to promote Guam real estate to investors who may want to set up shop on island, whether it be building a hotel or bed and breakfast.

"Since we're just brand new to the Russian market, we want to promote that we're visa free that's the main thing as of January 15. We also want to promote that we're a great island destination. What we have to offer are sand, sea, surf and our unique culture - we also want to promote investment in Guam," said Denight.

Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz is leading the delegation, which includes members of GVB, GHRA, GEDA, and various hotel reps. The expo started Friday and closes out on the 28th.