Guam - Not only will the new private hospital increase the bed capacity on the island, it will also add to the range of services that are available on the island. Guam Regional Medical City president and chief executive officer Margaret Bengzon spoke to members of the Guam Chamber of Commerce today. 

Bengzon stressed the economic and social benefits the new hospital will bring as well as specialized services that will prevent residents from having to go off island for their medical needs. She said, "This hospital is the hospital of the people of Guam, so they're the leaders in the community in their sectors and it's so important that we engage them and solicit their support through them we are enable to engage the support in the rest of the community because this is really a community hospital."

The rebar and foundation are about a third in and tower cranes will be brought in over the next few months as the actual structure is built.  On Thursday the organization will hold a foundation pour ceremony and a legislative resolution will be presented to Bengzon and others from the group.