Guam - Law enforcement authorities were able to stop the importation of an estimated quarter of a million dollars worth of crystal methamphetamine from entering the island on Saturday. A Korean man is being held in federal custody for trying to sneak close to one pound of the drug Ice into Guam.

Customs and Quarantine officers seized close to one pound of crystal methamphetamine from a passenger who arrived to Guam from Korea on a flight from the Philippines on Saturday.  Hwang Gyoo Choi entered the Customs inspection area with his Korean passport and Customs and Agricultural Declaration Form.  According to a complaint filed in the District Court today, Customs officers noticed that Choi appeared hesitant to approach the inspection counter. 

He was asked if he had any items to declare such as illegal drugs, firearms, agriculture items and currency over $10,000. Choi replied that he did not and was referred to a secondary counter. During that inspection officers searched Choi's baggage, inspecting the compartments of the luggage.  That's when the officer's heard a crackling sound and noticed a glue-like substance between the lining and the wall of the luggage. 

The lining was removed and inside a hidden compartment, officers found two packages of the drug Ice that weighed approximately 434 grams.

Choi has been charged with importation of methamphetamine hydrochloride and appeared in the District Court this afternoon. With an interpreter present, Choi was given a court-appointed attorney and was remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshals.  A preliminary hearing has been set for June 4.