Guam - The Guam Power Authority has selected Tropos Networks as the network communications vendor for its Smart Grid rollout across the island.  As part of its overall S,art Grid project, GPA is implementing a reliable, multi-application Tropos Gridcom network that meets its existing needs and future requirements as they move to a comprehensive smart grid deployment.

GPA will use the network to backhaul Smart meter data, automate switches and reclosers in their distribution system, provide connectivity for communicating faulted circuit indicators, and deliver critical data to field workers.


According to GPA spokesperson Art Perez, the project is worth $34 million, for which there is a matching grant and is part of its overall 2010 bond sale and USDOE grant funding.  "The pilot will begin probably by the summer and we should expect a new meter rollout by the end of the year," Perez says. "We're going to be circulating a million dollars worth of goods and services that will be procured on the island and create about ten full-time jobs."

Tropos Betworks is a leading provider of reliable wireless IP broadband networks with more than 850 customers in over 50 countries. The company was founded in 2000 with headquarters in California.