Guam - Weigh-ins for tomorrow nights Preba Hao event taking place at the Marriott Hotel were held at Green Lizard in Tumon today. Fighting in the lightweight division will be Ryan Toves taking on Brian Mendiola. Toves weighed in at 154.5 pounds while Brian Mendiola came in a little heavier at 159.5 pounds.

Josh Muna faces Jose Ramirez in another lightweight match up. Josh Muna stepped onto the scale at 159 pounds, Ramirez weighed in at 161.5 pounds.

Chris Borja is back to take on Joe Arriola. Borja will be the lighter fighter at 178 pounds, Arriola weighed in at 185 pounds.

In the first of 2 heavyweight fights of the night Mike Ulloa weighing in at 232 pounds will meet veteran of Preba Hao Martin Pablo who came in at 245 pounds.

Mklane Alfred will look to put on a good showing in his fight against Elery Fonseca. Alfred is a crowd favorite who always brings it weighed in at 126.5 pounds while Fonseca weighed in at 122.5 pounds.

Tarvis Melsior and Marc Purschwitz meet in the 160-pound weight class. Melsior weighed in at 162.5 pounds, Purschwitz comes in at 164 pounds even.

Jay Taijeron and Don Rasa square off in the 135-pound division. Taijeron weighed in at 135 pounds, Rasa a pound lighter at 134 pounds.

Tyrone Jones takes his unbeaten record into the cage against Edwin Camacho. Jones weighed in at 157 pounds, Camacho at 155 pounds.

Dan Pereda and Enrique Concepcion meet at a catch weight. Pereda weighed in at 154 pounds, Concepcion comes in at 139.5 pounds.

Antoine Royster faces Doris Green in the 170-pound weight class. Royster weighed in at 170.5 pounds, Doris Green weighed in at 172 pounds.

RJ Hutton and Arthur Peredo step into the cage for the 2nd heavyweight match of the night. Hutton stepped onto the scale weighing 224.5 pounds, Arthur Peredo weighed in at 226 pounds.

Jimmy Hudson takes on Anthony DeVencia in the lightweight division. Hudson comes in at 130 pounds while DeVencia stepped onto the scale at 127 pounds.

Joshua Cruz meets Luis San Nicoals at 170 pounds. Cruz weighed in at 170 pounds even, San Nicolas stepped ontot he scale weighing 162 pounds.

And Jonathan Cruz will take on Shawn Naputi in another catch weight fight.