Guam - Imagine running into a large serpent in your backyard. A six-foot long red tail boa constrictor snake was found slithering in a yard in Barrigada by several construction workers this past weekend.

Department of Agriculture biologist Diane Vice says it's unknown how the snake got on Guam, but officials are sure it was smuggled onto Guam. "It would get here illegally, someone must have brought it in as a pet and whether they are tired of it as a pet and released it or it escaped, it has marking on its nose that indicates it was in captivity for a while," she said.

The boa constrictor is native to South America and invasive in Florida and Mexico. Vice says the snake feeds on birds, rodents and would be a real threat to our fruit bats. Unfortunately, Agriculture officials will have to put the reptile down.

Anyone who comes across any reptiles or amphibians is asked to call 475-PEST.