Guam - Saying "Guam needs a new way forward", Karlo Dizon announced his candidacy for Washington delegate today among friends and family. The Democrat says the reduced military buildup was the impetus for his run and he intends to make the economy a core issue of his campaign. 

Dizon says for the last ten years, island residents have been left with broken promises for adequate funding for Compact-impact, the passage of the Guam-China Visa Waiver Program, and war reparations, just to name a few. The candidate said today that island residents can do better than the politics of the past.

He stated, "Guam's people are working too hard and being paid too little to care about what words politicians will use when they substitute argument for action. This must and will be a campaign of new ideas, a campaign of new energies, not the same promises repeated, under a different coat of paint."

Dizon says the territory must address problems within our community and grow the economy by finding thoughtful solutions to the complex problems and convincing Washington that it is our shared interest to build an economy that is self-sufficient. Dizon was born in the Philippines but was raised on Guam where he attended school before leaving the island to pursue higher education.

He has held numerous internships and worked with the justice and regulatory affairs team at the White House.  Dizon will run against Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo in the primary.