Guam - Already suffering from a lack of manpower to enforce H-2b regulations and ensure that employers on Guam are being fair, the Guam Department of Labor is relieved that the U.S. Department of Labor will be assisting with enforcement. The federal counterpart announced that it would be beefing up enforcement especially with those companies employing H-2b workers for federal contracts. 

Guam Department of Labor Alien Labor Processing and Certification Division administrator Greg Massey says they welcome the additional manpower and resources the new intiative will provide. "More importantly, these guys have access to translators which is great. We want to be able to hopefully tap off on some of their resources while they tap off on ours, so we're excited about the new push and it's also in anticipation of the buildup," he said.

Massey adds that the military buildup may be scaled down, but the local and federal departments of labor are only going to beef up their enforcement efforts to ensure worker rights are protected.