Guam - Concerns over crimes committed this past year by those in the Federated States of Micronesia community have pushed the FSM Consulate's Office on Guam to take action. However, the action plan that's been in the making for several months now is at a standstill.

Action Committee chairperson Koisumy Rudolph says the plan was drafted to bring the FSM community, and especially the youth together so they can network and discuss various issues they face today. But Rudolph says due to the low participation, the committee decided to host quarterly events for the FSM community to talk about issues such as parenting and drugs and alcohol.

He told KUAM News, "We've decided since the volunteer force has not really built up to the level where we see we can do a lot of these things in the plan, we decided that after 25 years we haven't really done much as a community, we decided that we will do quarterly activities."

To find out the latest information on the quarterly meetings or if you would like to volunteer - check out the FSM of Guam Consulate Office in Tamuning by calling 646-9154.