Guam - The search is officially on for the next Superior Court of Guam judge. Today marked the last day for Judge Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson, who is retiring as a full-time judge.  Because of the caseload and the pending DWI Court caseload, Her Honor has agreed to stay on the bench as senior judge pro-tem until her successor is appointed and confirmed.

"What has been presented to me has just been a gift and when that gift is given to you, you take that gift and you make the best of it," she announced. "I never had a particular dream of what I wanted to do but every time it has been presented to me on a platter, I respected that and I did the most with it and I hope I accomplished doing that."

The Judicial Council on Thursday unanimously voted to certify the need to fill the vacancy.  Chief Justice F. Philip Carbullido will make the official request to the governor to fill the vacancy on Monday.

The Guam Bar meanwhile is expected to conduct a survey among its members for recommendations to submit to the governor.