Guam - It appears the Judiciary of Guam and the Department of Administration have a difference of opinion when it comes to calculating how much is owed to the third branch of government. The court issued a demand letter threatening litigation and seeking the immediate payment of $3.5 million by tomorrow.

During a meeting between the parties this afternoon, DOA provided their numbers which shows the agency is ahead by about $1.4 million in paying the Judiciary.  Governor's chief policy advisor Arthur Clark told KUAM News, "Part of the problem is twofold: one is they were using Section 30 monies in their calculations and if you go back and look at the statue it specifically excluded, so we had to convince them on the interpretation."

"Part of the problem was reflected on having these un-reconciled reports of raw data published and available, and that's what the court has been relying on."

Court policy, planning and community relations director Joshua Tenorio meanwhile says filing a lawsuit for what is owed isn't completely off the table but Judiciary staff are first continuing the dialogue and reviewing their numbers following DOA's conclusion. He said, "One thing that is positive is that Director [Benita] Manglona is wanting to make sure that the allotments the court is getting is equitable and all we are asking for is equitable treatment across the government."