Guam - Today marked the groundbreaking ceremony for the Taleyfak Spanish Bridge Restoration Project down in Agat. Guam Preservation Trust chairman Michael Makio says the bridge and how we care for it is a direct reflection of how we care for our heritage.

He said, "The other component to a bridge is metaphorical. Metaphorically, that is a bridge that represents our connection to our heritage to our history that's what bridges do; and I think that's what spurred and motivated us to keep after this."   

Department of Public Works director Joanne Brown says her agency's role in the project is to divert the volume of water coming down the river, noting, "And that's where the major challenge is - it's the volume of water that's increased the runoff that is going under this bridge and it's actually destroying the bridge. Our role pretty much is to build a third culvert to the right side."

The project will cost $873,000 and will be paid for by the Federal Highway Administration and the Guam Preservation Trust.