Guam - The Russian visitors to Guam are increasing. According to Guam Visitors Bureau deputy general manager Nate Denight, 131 Russians visited Guam in February, compared to last year's minimal 30. And members of GVB as well as the Marianas Visitor Authority have left for Russia to participate in the Moscow International Trade Show as a part of the United States' booth.

Said Denight, "Although the market will never be as large as Japan or Korea, but each Russian stays an average of three weeks and spend a lot more than those other markets it's a really high yield customer." Denight says Edge Reality is also participating in the event in an effort to market Guam real estate. "The CNMI has been receiving Russian travelers for a while and a lot of these Russian travelers because they stay so long, they want to get a vacation home. In the CNMI they've been selling homes to Russians; same thing for Guam. So I think Edge Reality is planning on trying to market real estate to the Russian market."  

Denight remains optimistic that the Chinese visa waiver will be approved in coming months.