Guam - Capital Projects Finance Authority construction monitor John Rydle met with the chairperson of the Legislative Committee on Education, Speaker Judi Won Pat, this morning to provide a progress report and assurances that her concerns as well as those from her colleagues will be addressed. According to Won Pat, International Bridge Corporation was having a hard time keeping up with its responsibilities.

"Currently, IBC was doing construction and maintenance," said the speaker. "Now, what Mr. Rydle has decided to do was that IBC will do the maintenance and this other company will do all the construction work, and by doing so he felt this was an opportunity now since he's doing maintenance, he'll be able now to resolve whatever internal problems that he was having and also take care of his obligations because this is not an obligation by CAPFA, but an obligation now of IBC."

According to Won Pat, Miguel Bordallo is now CAPFA's representative on island. Bordallo was the vice president of IBC before severing ties with the company several months ago.