Guam - An 18-year-old man is on life support in the Intensive Care Unit at the Guam Memorial Hospital while his alleged assailants appeared in court this afternoon and are behind bars. Three men are behind bars tonight on $100,000 cash bail, accused of assaulting an the man in the parking lot of the Top Building in Harmon early Sunday morning.

Cameron Masnayon, 18, is on a ventilator in the ICU after he was beaten unconscious early Sunday morning.  According to court documents, Daniel Alan Rosal, Michael Gregory Rosal Jr. and William Crisostomo San Nicolas Jr.  drove up to the parking lot and assaulted Masnayon.  Michael Rosal admitted that he struck the victim more than three times in the head with a baseball bat and struck Masnayon in the right rib cage area with a broken piece of a wooden rake handle.  According to the magistrate's complaint, Daniel Rosal admitted that he repeatedly kicked the victim while Michael struck him with a bat.  Specific details about what the men were fighting about have not been disclosed.

Police on Sunday also arrested a fourth person, Christian Lastimoza; but today it was revealed that he was actually a friend of Masnayon and a witness to the event. He attempted to stop the brutal attack but was held back by San Nicolas, allegedly at knifepoint. After the assault on Masnayon, the three allegedly assaulted Lastimoza, who eventually was able to run away.  The Rosals and San Nicolas fled in a white car while Lastimoza returned to the scene to find his friend lying on the ground unconscious.

Police responded and conducted an investigation Sunday, cordoning off the parking lot and conducted re-enactments with those who were involved in the disturbance. Daniel and Michael Rosal and San Nicolas are charged with aggravated assault as a second degree felony and appeared via video teleconference before Judge Alberto Tolentino this afternoon.

Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Luhk said, "Based on the nature of the charges we're asking that he be held on $100,000 cash bail. I would also note that the victim is in critical condition at this point." He also asked, "Your Honor, can I also ask for no contact with the victim, as well as Christian Lastimoza?" Approving the request, Judge Alberto Tolentino responded, "While this case is pending, Mr. Rosal, the court will order that you have no contact with the victim or a witness that's been identified as Christian Lastimoza."

During today's hearing it was revealed that two of the defendants are no strangers to the legal system. Michael Rosal Jr., who appeared before the court wearing a black shirt was told by Judge Tolentino, "One of the other things the court is entitled to consider is your past criminal history. In 2011 you were arrested again for an aggravated assault case. The court feels that the $100,000 cash bail is reasonable and appropriate at this time. If you are able to make that bail, you will return to the court for conditions."

Addressing the other defendant, the judge continued, "One of the things the court considers is that you are already on pre-trial release in another felony, Mr. San Nicolas. The court is not comfortable that you are going to follow its orders if you are released today. In addition, the court agrees that given the nature seriousness of the alleged crime that a 100,000 cash bail is appropriate."

The defendants were appointed attorneys and will remain behind bars awaiting a preliminary hearing, which is scheduled for March 29.  If convicted of the aggravated assault as a second degree felony charge, they face a maximum of ten years behind bars and a $10,000.