Guam - New Vision Guam, an education and information organization by, for and of the blind, will host an information meeting tomorrow morning to allow everyone whether blind or not to learn the needs of the blind on Guam, specifically with how to manage money matters and banking. Treasurer Gerard Cruz says the meeting, "Dollars and Sense, Making Changes That Counts", aims to help the blind get more comfortable with conducting business on their own and ultimately promote changing the way people understand blindness on Guam.

"That's why we invite the public because not everybody who has vision problems feels comfortable in leaving the homes and live sheltered lives and we really promote independence amongst our members," he explained.

Such topics to be discussed include who helps at the bank and how money is sorted and identified. The meeting takes place March 17 from 10 in the morning to noon on the 2nd Floor of the Bank of Guam Building in Hagatna.