Guam - A 32-hour workweek for the Guam Memorial Hospital may not be feasible after all.  GMH intended to implement various austerity measures by the end of the month.  But interim hospital administrator Rey Vega confirms that management is reevaluating the 32-hour workweek plan they had developed for administrative personnel.  Vega attributes that to increases in overtime, departing employees and an increasing workload.

"With the recent rush of retirement and resignations, we're reevaluating our staffing pattern so that is an ongoing discussion with the board," he told KUAM News. "It may not be feasible so we're going to look at other ways to cut costs."

Vega confirms that the hospital has only been hiring nursing and clinical staff but administrative personnel are not being hired due to GMHs current financial problems. Governor Eddie Calvo in his State of the Island Address said GMH would be implementing its austerity plan by the end of the first quarter of the year.