Guam - 25 bills, one resolution and three appointments are up for discussion for session as the Legislative Committee on Rules set the agenda for next week. Several bills up include Bill 306, relative to establishing and administering an international prisoner transfer program; Bill 317, requiring drug testing for recipients of public assistance.

Also on the docket is Bill 319, authorizing private ambulance service providers emergency medical services relative to emergency vehicles operating on Guam's roadways; Bill 361 relative to providing a mechanism to enhance the registration process of the Guam Decolonization Registry by enlisting the assistance of all employers in Guam beginning with the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the GovGuam and the Mayors Council of Guam; Bill 411 authorizing the governor of Guam to transfer abandoned properties located within the Sagan Linayan Subdivision from Land Management to the Guam Housing Corporation for the purpose of affordable housing; and Bill 423, which authorizes the issuance of bonds for the payment of income tax refunds for calendar year 2011.