Guam - KUAM News has confirmed the Department of Public Health's Division of Environmental Health is looking into reports of rancid pancit. Hundreds of lunches were delivered to various senior citizen centers today, but the smell and consistency of the food had mayors believing the pancit was spoiled.

Agat mayor Carol Tayama confirms 70 plates were delivered to her village's senior center this morning when staff noticed that the pancit appeared spoiled.  Instead of feeding the seniors the noodles, she used money from her office to purchase other food. KUAM News also learned that 52 plates of pancit were sent to Sinajana where municipal clerk Rudy Iriarte said the food was unacceptable and to avoid possible mass food poisoning, he refused to serve any of the plates.  13 plates were also delivered to Santa Rita, but none were consumed.

Mayors Council of Guam executive director Angel Sablan confirmed that the food contractor is S.H. Enterprises. The company declined to provide comment, but Sablan says the owners were surprised to hear the reports of spoiled pancit. Sablan adding the owners said their nutritionist inspected the food before it was sent out and it was not spoiled.

Public Health's Tom Nadaeu says the received the reports this afternoon and his staff are gathering information about what transpired. Other centers that received and served the pancit did not report any manamko' falling ill.