Guam - A sign put up last night blocking access to Tun Vincent Leon Guerrero Street in Tamuning was taken down today. The sign states "private property - no trespassing". The street leads to several homes, businesses as well as a church in the area.  Police were called there last night after the sign was erected.

DPW director Joanne Brown says her rights of way staff is investigating whether the road is public property. "It's certainly not the best way to go about the process because that road has been used for quite some time, they should of brought the matter to us and make a claim or go through the proper process because it caused a lot of concern last night," sh she said.  Brown says if the road is determined to belong to the government then she will inform the AG's Office, who may prosecute.

In the meantime Vice Mayor Louise Rivera says she understands the property may belong to the Perez family, saying, "The road is open and should remain open, I do ask the Perez family to keep it open until we are able to resolve this, because they didn't show me any map either that it was surveyed to their findings or where there boundaries are, but like I said that is a GovGuam right of way."

Tony Perez tells KUAM the sign was put up two weeks ago advising of the area being private property.