Guam - The Department of Defense has provided assurances that it won't matter whether they are rotational or permanently stationed on-island, Guam will receive Section 30 reimbursements for the U.S. Marines under the new proposed realignment plan. Governor Eddie Calvo and Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo received that word today during a meeting at the Pentagon.

The Department of Treasury and DOD will codify the agreement in a forthcoming memorandum of understanding. Governor Calvo says "this is a testament to the close relationship Guam has at the highest levels of the pentagon. It is also a testament to how committed the pentagon is to advancing Guam's interests in the buildup."

Bordallo added, "The Administration's agreement to cover over Section 30 funds for Marines relocated to Guam as part of the build-up is a positive development for our community and our local economy".