Guam - Federal authorities found guns, ammunition, marijuana and drug paraphernalia during a recent search warrant that was executed at the home of Mateo Sardoma. According to the search and seizure warrant the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives authorities wanted to search the front extension of Sardoma's home on Conchita Lane in Dededo, which was recently constructed. The warrant was executed last week Wednesday, the same day a federal indictment was handed down against Sardoma and nine others who were believed to be part of a major drug trafficking conspiracy.  

More than 40 items were seized including numerous cell phones and SIM cards, two shotguns, a rifle, ammunition, marijuana, digital scales, Zip-Lock baggies, laptops, surveillance cameras and motion detectors and various items that had been modified to conceal things. Sardoma faces numerous federal charges with his alleged co-conspirators, Rudy Sablan, Maria "Christina" Edrosa, Christopher "Bobat" Mesa, Walter Duenas, Sylvia Mashburn Duenas, Eduardo "Yob" Lake, Anthony "Brando" "Nunoy" Villanueva, Joseph "Beng" Caballero and Elizabeth F.L. Aguon.

Sardoma is charged with continuing criminal enterprise and is accused of being the organizer, supervisor and in a position of management to continue the drug trafficking scheme, obtaining substantial income and resources in the process.  All of the defendants are accused of conspiring to distribute more than 50 grams of the drug Ice.

Sardoma, Sablan and Mesa are also accused of kidnapping and torturing a handyman who was hired to renovate Sardoma's Dededo home and was accused of stealing a pound of crystal methamphetamine. Many of the defendants are being held behind bars awaiting further court hearings.  

Authorities meanwhile have said the case remains under investigation and there could be additional arrests and criminal charges.