Guam - In light of the Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority board of director's recent decision to place him on administrative leave with pay for 20 days and a lawsuit that was filed against the agency for failing to comply with the Freedom of Information Act, GHURA executive director Marcel Camacho doesn't want to comment.  In a brief statement to the media, Camacho said, "In the interest of preserving my employment with GHURA, I've decided to reserve comment on any issue brought to light by the media until a later date."

The board unanimously voted to put Camacho on leave but neither disclosed the reason(s) for the administrative leave, nor would they confirm if they asked for Camacho's resignation.  Earlier this week a lawsuit was filed against GHURA and Camacho for failing to comply with a FOIA request from Medallion Guam. The company has filed a protest over the agency's award of more than $4 million in Low-Income Housing Tax Credits to lower-ranked officers. 

They contend that the agency has failed to provide information that was requested back on December 29 for documents related to GHURA's decision to award the LIHTC to two other companies.