Guam - Attorney Daniel Somerfleck isn't so optimistic about the services at the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse. As a matter of fact in a filing with the District Court he expressed his concerns about how the agency handled a consumer who barricaded herself in a restroom. Apparently, staff and two security guards went in to the restroom, held the consumer down, gave her a shot of medication and covered her head with a blanket.

"One was that they were injecting something into her into the person. The second was that there seemed to be restraint with no notation as to how long the restraint went on, how long the activity went on and then there's the issue of whether the person was restrained face up or face down," said Somerfleck.

Mental Health Director Wilfred Aflague signed-off on the incident report and the recommendation that the report merely be a basis for future reference. Somerfleck told the court he believes the federal management team and Aflague are incapable or unwilling to ensure the safety of consumers under the permanent injunction.