Guam - Following the advice of Senator Judi Guthertz, Governor Eddie Calvo this morning signed an executive order creating the Guam First Commission Advisory Council, of which he will serve as chairperson and Senator Rory Respicio serving as vice-chair. The public law which created the Guam First Commission was determined to be inorganic by the Attorney General's Office.

Said Calvo, "But there were some great recommendations made and I want to thank Senator Guthertz for that in recommending, 'Governor, why don't you move forward using your executive order authority and getting and moving forward the spirit of what the Guam First Commission is all about and putting this advisory body together?'"

Like the Commission, the advisory group will strive to speak with one voice as it relates to the military buildup.  One of the goals of the group will be to develop a plan that envisions Guam 15 years and more into the future that takes into account the needed and necessary construction upgrades and expansion of Guam's economy, infrastructure and government services.