Guam -


February 7, 2012

The Governor today empaneled the Educational Learning Task Force he spoke of during his state of the island address.

Governor Calvo is charging the task force to assess and develop the plans and financing strategies that will:

1.      Return Untalan Middle School to its Barrigada campus by School Year 2013-2014

2.      Renovate and rebuild the existing public schools

3.      Build new schools for the long-term needs of the Department of Education

4.      Fill these schools with the equipment and learning tools best suited for quality teaching and learning

5.      Provide the best transportation for students

6.      Implement reforms at the DOE that will enhance teaching and learning

7.      Open public school campuses, recreational areas, and learning centers to the community during non-school hours and weekends

8.      Recommend changes to law or policies that will help the task force meet its charge


The executive order, which created the task force, lists positions within the government and DOE that will compose the task force membership. The Governor appointed the following people from these ranks:

1.      Governor's Chief Education Advisor, Vince Leon Guerrero

2.      Governor's Chief Fiscal Advisor, Bernadette Artero

3.      Governor's Social & Economic Advisor, Henry Taitano

4.      Governor's Director of Communications, Troy Torres

5.      Chief Information Officer, Bureau of Information Technology, Ed Cruz

6.      One member of the legislative majority, Sen. Dennis Rodriguez, Jr.

7.      One member of the legislative minority, Sen. Aline Yamashita, Ph.D.

8.      President of the Mayors Council of Guam, Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares

9.      Four members of the Guam Education Board:

a.      Joe San Agustin

b.      Dr. Anita Enriquez

c.       Rosie Tainatongo

d.      Ron Ayuyu

10.  Superintendent of Education, Taling Taitano

11.  Deputy Superintendent for Educational Support & Community Engagement, Rob Malay

12.  Administrator of the Guam Economic Development Authority, Karl Pangelinan

13.  Director of Public Works, Joanne Brown

14.  Chief Negotiator of the DOE's union contract negotiating team, Barry Mead

15.  One parent of a public school student, Sen. Mana Silva Taijeron


Vince Leon Guerrero will serve as the task force chairman. Interim Superintendent of Education Taling Taitano will serve as the co-chairwoman.


Leon Guerrero has set the introductory meeting for this Friday at 10 a.m. in the Cabinet Conference Room, Adelup.