Guam - The Department of Public Works provided an update to lawmakers last night on a myriad of ongoing and future road construction projects around the island, one area of concern raised by senators whether DPW is working in coordination with utility agencies to make simultaneous improvements. DPW director Joanne Brown says although they are in constant communication with GPA and GWA before and during their projects, utility agencies don't necessary have the financial means to make infrastructure improvements on their end within their construction timelines.

She said, "The best we can do is notify them also keep in mind we're on a time schedule there's an expectation for when the project gets completed so there are times we don't have the luxury and of course the inconvenience to the public. There's an anticipation  that because of that down the road it's going to be a problem and we're not in the position at DPW to address the funding of those types of repairs and replacements that need to be made to the GWA system same thing with the other utilities."

DPW also provided an update on the forthcoming Hagatna Bridge project, Brown says they don't plan to a see a repeat of what happened with the Barrigada Tri-Intersection, she says DPW will meet and constantly provide and update to the public and surrounding residents and businesses before the bridge project commences.