Guam – The Guam Police Department has racked up a bill of nearly a quarter of a million dollars to relocate its headquarters facility in Tiyan. During an informational briefing hosted by the Committee on Public Safety today GPD Chief of police Fred Bordallo stated, "It's been a challenge the department has had in terms of incurring cost for the relocation." GPD currently pays $230,000 for rent at the former Customs building. Bordallo says more than $61,000 in overtime was racked up by officers to move the HQ. The force also has a $100,000 power and water bill for the past quarter at the former HQ, $44,000 for utilities at the current HQ, $9,000 for Internet connectivity, and $88,000 thousand needed to move Records and ID out by the end of this month. Chief Bordallo says an invitation for bid is out and they are engaging in discussions with BBMR to find office space for records and ID. Since the expenditures from the move was not budgeted, Senator Tom Ada questioned how the department will balance its finances. Bordallo responded that he would be revisiting the idea of increasing fee's, and hopes to have a public hearing on the fee increase proposal by the end of March.

Senator Aline Yamashita also questioned why the top brass didn't just put out an IFB for a new Police headquarters rather than split up GPD's office spaces. Bordallo says he is working on the plans with the front office, and the specifications for a new facility cannot be rushed.