Guam - Public Safety committee oversight chair Senator Adolpho Palacios is tired of hearing the excuses from the Guam Parole Board.  Parolees have been released because the board has lacked a quorum for the past four months to have a hearing. The board has only met once in the last year since three members were appointed by the governor. 

Palacios has asked the governor to appoint more members so nearly 100 parolees can get a hearing. "There are now six and I cannot understand that three cannot show up and I know for a fact that one of their challenges that they are facing is where can they meet and of course its awkward for them to meet at Dededo Precinct and at DOC because those parolees coming back don't want to go back to the prison, they try to stay away," he said.

Palacios also offered his office as an alternate location to hold the parole hearings. He will further discuss the issue with DEPCOR during their status hearing scheduled for February 6 at 2pm.