Guam - On the way to purchase crystal methamphetamine, a man got so angry at a woman he allegedly almost crashed a vehicle several times and held her against her will.  Junior Anthony Santos is charged with kidnapping, burglary and two counts of terrorizing.  According to court documents, Santos went to a woman's home demanding that she give him his money.  The victim told police he had given her $50 to buy medicine for her daughter. 

The woman eventually got into Santos' truck and they left.  The magistrate's complaint states the two got into a heated argument and the woman tried to jump out of the vehicle but he wouldn't allow her to leave.  Santos allegedly threatened to kill her and hurt her family.  The woman eventually was able to jump out of the car and run to get help. 

Another woman who was riding in the car told police they were on the way to buy Ice when the argument between Santos and the victim broke out.