Guam - The debate over a part-time legislature rages on as a former senator who supports the idea, has called out Speaker Judi Won Pat for her weekly address last week criticizing those who would support such an initiative. Former senator Bob Klitzkie reacted to Speaker Judi Won Pat's weekly address last Friday during which she criticized efforts to create a part-time legislature.

Won Pat said the people behind it have a deceptive and sinister objective. Klitzkie says Won Pat seems to be thin-skinned, saying, "Well I think the speaker's weekly address when she attacked all those who would favor it is perhaps as good as an argument that one could come up with is just exactly why we need it. Because there's a sense of entitlement amongst the career politicians that we have to have this full-time year round legislature in order to serve the people. If properly serving the people means taking a weekly address to use it to attack the people, I don't think we really need it."

In her address last week, Speaker Won Pat defended that the current full time legislature has been productive and efficient and would fight efforts to reduce the legislature to part time. "There's a big difference between activity and accomplishment. I see a lot of activity, literally hundreds of resolutions commending people for this and that and other things and they perform a lot of marriages down there but where's the accomplishment? What is it that this full-time legislature under Speaker Won Pat's leadership, what have they accomplished for the people," he said.

Reacting to the criticism, Speaker Won Pat said even when Klitzkie was a senator in the 28th Guam Legislature, he couldn't garner the support needed for a part-time legislature, adding there has to be more to the debate. "But the I think the question that really needs to asked here is what is the real issue that they're talking about because if it's money and savings, then we actually put that analysis together and put this issue to rest. So we have to find out what is the real problem that is bringing this issue to the forefront. Are we not responding to the needs to the community? And if that's the case, we need to address that. Are we not answering the phones? Are we not allowing the people to come in and walk in anytime to see us?

"If that's the issue, we need to know what that is so we can address it."

Or, ultimately constituents can address the issue when they head to the polls in November.